Vote Leave Tomorrow to Save the Small Business

Vote Leave Tomorrow to Save the Small Business

By Maxine Fothergill – MD of Amax Estates (small business employer)

On our property management we have to ensure all our contractors are fully compliant with all existing and new Health and Safety regulations which is an ever changing goal post and takes up all of my time at MD in reading up and attending courses to ensure compliant. What this basically means is every contractor that we engaged has to hold a risk assessment, a health and safety policy and a method statement for every activity they carry out as well as holding all the relevant insurances required. This has ended up precluding the majority of small or sole trading companies as they do not have the time or resources to be able to deal with the red tape but could have done the job more than adequately or often better that the larger companies and therefore saved us and our clients a great deal of money. BUT if we fail to comply with all the EU red tape and bureaucracy that has been imposed on us and small contractors, if anything goes wrong then it would be my company that could end up in court under a potential corporate manslaughter charge!

Is this right that our clients end up spending so much more money thanks to the raft of overzealous and heavily demanding EU compliance? Of course H&S at work is very important and we would always ensure we were working to achieve this but the constant raft of regulation imposed on us and our small contractors are over the top in most instances.

FACT – EU regulation is crippling Small Business and has to stop!

For the sake of all small business in the UK (where only 6% actually trade in Europe) – Please Vote Leave in the ballot box tomorrow

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